Story of Civil Rights Leader Sei Fuji - OFFICIAL - LIL TOKYO REPORTER TRAILER

LIL TOKYO REPORTER is a 30-minute narrative short set in 1930's Los Angeles and was developed Summer 2009 and completed in Fall 2012. The project was supported by donations from the Asian American community, grants, and volunteered talent. The film was inspired by the True Story of Civil Rights Leader Sei Fujii, a man who protected the livelihood of the Japanese American people from 1903-1954.

The film is also a production of Visual Communications and the Little Tokyo Historical Society.

Log-Line: 1935 Los Angeles, community leader Sei Fujii uncovers the corrupt activities of his community's underground mafia. He must choose between saving the face of his deteriorating community and confronting the issues head on through his newspaper. Based on a true story.

Best Short Film
Sacramento International
DisOrient Oregon Asian American
Treasure Coast International
LA International Underground

Best Narrative Short
California International Shorts Festival

Best Cinematography
Treasure Coast International
Asians on Film

Best Editing
Treasure Coast International

Best Actor
LA International Underground -- Chris Tashima

Best Supporting Actors
Asians on Film -- Eijiro Ozaki
Asians on Film -- Keiko Agena

Additional Awards
Pacific Citizen's Extraordinary Asian Americans in Entertainment Award

Audience Awards
Downtown Film Festival LA
LA International Underground -- Best Film - Lil Tokyo Reporter
LA International Underground - Best Actor - Chris Tashima

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