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Legal Digital Innovator Conference
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Company: FHG Media Enterprises
Business Address:
1629 K St. NW, Suite 300
Washington D.C 20006 ------------------Phone: (202)830-2004
Website: www.FHGMediaent.com
About Me:
Developed by FHG Media Enterprises, (the legal industries first and only woman and minority owned legal media and tech company whose mission is to promote minority and women lawyers as thought leaders through Minority Counselor TV (MCTV)), the Legal Digital Innovator Conference was a historic 2016 MLK Day event where minority lawyers were challenged to become our nation’s “legal digital thought leaders and tech innovators”. Seminars explained how to leverage legal digital media publishing and web TV broadcasting by media industry experts and tech leaders from Revolt TV, Comcast, Inc., NBC4, Gas Station TV, Capital One. Conference was hosted in conjunction with Howard School of Law, School of Engineering /HowU Innovate, and School of Communications.
Free Legal Seminars: Watch the entire conference here only on MCTV!
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