About Us

MinorityCounselorTV.com is a digital property of FHG Media Enterprises, a woman and African-American/Native-American owned legal media and technology start-up company, whose mission is to use digital media to promote lawyers of color and woman lawyers as thought leaders on pressing legal issues that impact communities of color, as well as woman and minority owned businesses and large corporations and governments that serve these communities.

Founded by veteran lawyer, Jo Saint-George, Esq., who has represented Fortune 100 and 1,000 companies as a trial and complex commercial transaction lawyer, FHG properties integrates its new big data diversity tracking application, TrakIt Pro.com, with its new digital legal news publishing, OTT TV platforms and online lawyer directory and private professional network in order to distribute legal news and information from a diverse perspective.

Through FHG's various digital platforms, the voice of the thousands of lawyers of color and women lawyers in the U.S. will be heard and their thought leadership more visible in order to combat the often negative portrayals of women and people of color in the media. Because minority lawyers have been the backbone of the civil rights movement in the U.S. and their legal work has often formed the foundation for many great innovations, MCTV will leverage that history while providing all law related TV programming that keep communities and businesses informed.

Based in Washington, D.C. with its technology office in Arizona, FHG is positioned to deliver unprecedented in depth legal news programming that educate and empower decision makers to bring about positive social and economic change in the U.S. based on the rule of law.

FHG also developed and manages the digital legal directory for the legal trade organization, Minority Corporate Counsel Association, called the MCCA Diverse Outside Counsel Database, which provides metrics for monitoring diversity in the legal community.


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Founder - Jo Saint-George, Esq.